White Papers

This report is a compilation of the discussions from the SPE sessions, and serves to expand on these discussions to identify and evaluate those elements that may aid the industry in removing obstacles to achieving the expectation of zero harm by exploring current thinking and views, understanding experiences and learnings from other industries that are mature in the application of human factors, and suggesting next steps for both the industry and individual companies. 

The oil industry is not just about big multi-national production com- panies. Those multi-billion dollar companies contract with service companies, which contract with equipment manufacturers, which con- tract with engineers and engineering companies, which provide jobs, which provide salaries. 

LOGTRUTHS captures the most important lessons learned over 70 years of American airpower. LOGTRUTHS are not so much a prescription for solving a problem, but a guide post for leaders when a problem is identified. They are a doctrinal starting point to build a solution. 

“To build a safety systems, you must understand why an incident occurred. The why is not just pilot error. There’s a lot more at play here, and the key is to dig deeper as to why the mistake was made,” said the safety specialist, who transitioned from the aviation sector.