ADE leads the oil and gas industry in facilitating the development of high quality safety management solutions. Our safety solutions reduce corporate designated risk goals and deliver a safer work place and improve procedural discipline by the frontline workforce. With an extensive background from the airline and military aviation, which demands zero incidents and zero accidents, we have been able to utilize the best resources from an industry that leads in risk management but still delivers operationally. Our solutions have been successfully implemented at large and small operators, drilling contractors and service providers with successful results. Recently, we designed a complete safety management system for a new oil operator in Texas. Through the development of a safety management system, the operator increased safety through the implementation of work processes that protect the frontline worker. Furthermore, the SMS program raised the expectations of the contractors and delivered accountability for following processes that kept the employee, the well and the environment safe.


Lets breif

·         The process on how our experienced team develops, trains and creates a sustained procedural disciplined environment through the use of standardization;

·         Share an HSE checklist that has saved lives when dealing with pressure;

·         Examples of procedures, checklists and emergency checklists that reduce NPT and have a compliance rate of over 90%; and

·         Anticipated potential savings in reduced NPT through the use of standardization of work        procedures.

What We've Achieved